The Modern Shed Eco Mindset

Making smart decisions about materials and smart use of space has always been the primary objective for Modern-Shed from day one. Being green for us is not an abstract term but rather a natural way of working that carries through from manufacturing, to the end use of each structure and to the way we operate our corporate office.

At Modern-Shed, we look into the sources of our materials — from the framing to the interior finishes — to better understand the sensible choices that are available.

All Modern-Shed materials are designed and made under one roof. Local manufacturers are utilized to obtain all Modern-Shed materials, including doors, windows and roofing. This streamlined system is the ultimate efficient and ecological solution to prefabricated building.

Some of the standard Modern-Shed “green” features:

  • Use of sustainable products such as James Hardi® -Plank siding, glue-lam beams and Oriented Strand Boards (OSB)
  • We offer denim insulation, which contains 85 percent post-industrial recycled fibers
  • Our structures are often installed with a GreenGrid roof, which is a modular vegetative roof system that reduces energy costs, regulates structure temperature and helps manage rainwater runoff
  • We partner with a solar panel company for our off grid customers.
  • Many of our materials are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, to ensure that our wood materials have been produced by high environmentally conscious standards
  • As an option, we also offer structures manufactured with SIPs; (Structural Insulated Panels); Sandwich expanded foam between plywood, which provides increased thermal protection and improved strength and durability over conventional construction
  • We offer 3Form resin panels. Our reclaim program reuses and recycles materials removed from installations or panels damaged in production. It is a bi-directional process that prevents panels from entering the landfill and extends their useful life
  • We use durable materials like aluminum, galvanized metal, concrete-based siding that will be a longer-lasting for a lower maintenance consideration
  • Our windows are 100% recyclable. Our vinyl window supplier recycles 100% of its scrap material.
  • Our typical finishes are all water-based
  • Clerestory windows provide natural light reducing daytime lighting requirements and are Insulated Glass Units for better insulation value. Argon LowE upgrades are optional to meet strict energy code regulations.
  • All leftover scrap wood cuts are utilized to heat the shop
  • Our structures can be disassembled and moved, making it flexible for today’s changing housing needs

We provide an alternative to adding on expensive additions to the house, thus saving the waste of such an effort and eliminating those tearing apart and rebuilding phases. We offer a great option for working at home, getting rid of that work commute altogether.

Our sheds are small, efficient spaces which are well-insulated and energy conscious, taking very little energy to heat or cool.

We keep families from outgrowing their current home and having to upscale to a bigger one just to meet changing needs.

On the corporate side of the green equation: Our corporate office is a “virtual office”; Meaning we do not actually have typical office space. All of our personnel work from their homes eliminating the need for them to spend time, money, gas and time away from family on work. We are also 99% paperless where all transmission of information is electronic.

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