Popular Configurations


Man Cave

Many clients typically use a Modern-Shed as a man cave, i.e. a personal space that offers privacy from the sometimes busy feel of a home. Men and women can both use a Modern-Shed as a hideaway chamber, decked out with creature comforts, such as a big-screen TV, a plush couch and a mini-refrigerator. Clients love lounging about their Modern-Shed man caves, whether it’s to watch this week’s big game or cuddle up with a loved one to steal a private moment away from the kids. Having the personal space to relax after a busy day at work is invaluable, and building a Modern-Shed Man Cave is a less costly option than adding on to a home. All Modern-Sheds are built to code, and the Modern-Shed Man Cave is a perfect solution for people seeking that quiet down time from the hectic nature of life.


Guest House

Another typical use for a Modern-Shed is a guest cottage. Imagine being able to entertain and host loved ones in a space that is as cozy as — or perhaps more cozy than — their own home? A guest cottage adds value to a property and is a more cost-effective solution than adding onto a home. The clerestory windows invite light and warmth into the room. Guests will love the privacy of walking mere steps from your home into a separate space that has a modern look and feel. Hosts will be able to offer all of the comforts of a hotel, without fronting the costs and while still being close enough to attend to any needs a guest might have. Modern Guest Cottages are built to code and give our clients the opportunity to treat their guests like kings and queens.



The most typical use for a Modern-Shed is a home office. Having a home office space and the money saved from eliminating or reducing commuting expenses offsets the cost of the shed significantly. Working from home in one’s own home office is not only green, it reduces stress and adds value to the property. Our clients love the fact they can go mere steps to their home office or studio. Photographers, artists, corporate heads, you name it, realize that working from home in a home office contributes to their lives significantly. Modern-Shed put the word “modern” in the shed concept. Modern Home Offices are built to code and can be setup in a matter of a few days once delivered. It’s like an instant home office. The idea of working at home with one’s own home office has been one that has proliferated considerably in the past ten years and will increase in popularity with rising fuel and transportation costs.

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