The standard specifications of a Modern-Shed include:

  • Walls: 2 x 4 framing 16” OC, 1/2-inch OSB sheathing, un-painted James Hardie 12″ smooth face lap siding (pre-painted in standard Modern-Shed colors is optional)
  • Roof: Glulam beam, 2 x 6 rafters, 1/2-inch plywood sheathing, tar paper, 1-inch-by-12-inch standing seam metal roofing, flashing
  • Trim details (painted-trim, color-Classic only): transom glass frames and fascia
  • Transom glass units: pre-assembled, single-pane tempered glass
  • Ceiling liner: 3/8-inch sanded plywood and batten strips
  • Floor: no floor system
  • Doors: locksets with deadbolt (brushed nickel), stainless-steel hinges

Optional upgrades include:

  • Wall frame upgrade from 2 x 4 to 2 x 6, 16” OC
  • Pine or cedar T & G ceiling liner
  • 2 x 8 roof rafters with R-40 rigid insulation and venting
  • Roof overhang
  • Porch extension
  • Transom glass upgrade to LowE coating and Argon-gas filled
  • Insulation upgrades for wall and floor structure
  • Several steel, vinyl and fiberglass door options
  • Aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass window options
  • Plywood, birch, sepele, walnut, melamine or 3Form resin interior paneling
  • Interior partition walls
  • Typical Hardie lap, Modern Open-joint Hardie rain screen, cedar or metal exterior siding
  • Extra wall height
  • Custom paint colors or clear wood sealant
  • Northwest roof design with open beam exposed glulam beams

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